Grand Finals kick off this weekend with the Junior Boys finals being played this Sunday at Cromer Park.

Flying the flag for Vale is our U12/3 boys who take on Narrabeen at Cromer 2 – Kickoff 9:30am. Good luck to the boys and if you can, get down and support our team.

A number of the junior boys team did make semis after a great season. These included the U12/1, U15/1 U15/2 & U15/3.

This weekend also sees Senior Mens Semis and Girl & Ladies Semis, spearheaded by our Championship winning Womens Premier League , WO35/2 and Mens AL8 sides. There is a string of Vale teams in action, these are:

WPL, WAL1, WAL2, WAL4 , WO35/1A, WO35/2, WO35/3

W12/2, W14/2A & W18/1

U18/3A, AL6, AL8, O35/1 & O45/3
Full Wrap Up of the Season

U12/1 – 3rd

U12/3 – 2nd & In the Grand Final

U13/1 – 9th

U13/4 – 5th

U15/1 – 4th

U15/2- 3rd

U15/3 – 3rd

U18/3 – 2nd

U18/4 – 6th

PL – 10th

PLR – 9th

AL2 – 6th

AL2R – 9th

AL3 – 6th

AL6 – 3rd


O35/1 – 2nd

O35/2 – 9th

O35/3- 10th

O35/4A – 5th

O35/4B – 9th

O45/3 – 3rd

W12/1 – 7th

W12/2 – 3rd

W13/1 – 8th

W13/2 – 9th

W14/1 – 6th

W14/2A- 4th

W14/2B- 5th

W16/1A- 5th

W16/1B- 9th

W18/1 – 3rd

W18/2 – 10th


WAL1 – 2nd

WAL2 – 3rd

WAL3 – 5th

WAL4 – 4th

WO35/1A – 3rd

WO35/1B – 6th

WO35/2 – Champions

WO35/3 – 2nd