2024 Team Sponsorship Drive

Welcome to the Manly Vale Football Club’s 2024 Team Sponsorship Drive!

As we kick off another exciting year, we’re inviting all our teams to participate in a friendly yet pivotal challenge: the quest to drive the most sponsorship. This initiative is not just about bolstering support for our beloved club; it’s a celebration of our community, the spirit of competition, and the collective effort to achieve greatness together.

Why is this important? The funds raised through your efforts will go directly towards enhancing team facilities, purchasing new equipment, and supporting our players’ development at every level. It’s a chance for each team to make a significant impact — not just on the field, but in the very foundation of our club.

But that’s not all — beyond the satisfaction of contributing to our club’s success, there are prizes to be won! The top three teams will not only earn bragging rights but will also receive rewards that celebrate their hard work, dedication, and community spirit.

So, let’s rally together, Manly Vale Football Club! Show your support, engage your networks, and let’s see which team can lead the way in making the 2024 Team Sponsorship Drive a resounding success. Together, we can achieve more, build stronger bonds, and reach new heights.

Good luck to all our teams — let the drive begin!

Current standings: